3 Day Workout To Gain Muscle

Are you looking for a great bodybuilding workout that can help you gain muscle? If so, there is a three day workout routine you may be interested in following. Below are details about the workouts. Read over them and then you can start following the routine.

Day One: Chest, Shoulders & Traps
On day one, start off by training your chest, followed by shoulders and then finish up with your traps. Choose any four exercises to do for your chest, and perform a total of three giant sets, which consists of doing the exercises consecutively, followed by a short rest.

For shoulders, you’ll choose three exercises and do them consecutively, which will be one tri-set. You’ll take a rest and then perform another tri-set. You’ll do a total of three tri-sets.

Finally, you’ll do dumbbell shrugs for your traps. Do one set, but perform at least 25-30 reps.

Day Two: Back & Legs
On day two, you’ll start off with legs. Choose any four exercises, but make sure one of them is the leg press or the squat. Perform 3-4 sets for each exercise. After, you’ll choose three exercises for your upper back and you’ll perform three sets for each. Once you have done that, you’ll do three sets of dead-lifts for your lower back.

Day Three: Biceps & Triceps
On this day, you’ll be training with tri-sets. Choose any three biceps exercises and perform 3-4 tri-sets. Then, you’ll do 3-4 exercises for triceps, and once again you’ll perform 3-4 tri-sets.

Weight And Reps
Use moderate to heavy weight on each exercise you do and stick within the 8-12 reps per exercise. When using tri-sets or giant sets, it’s best to stick with moderate weight because of their intensity.

Training Abs And Doing Cardio
As for abs, train abs three days per week. Do 3-4 ab exercises and as many reps as you can do for each one. As for sets, the number of sets you do is up to you. For cardio, do cardio 2-3 times per week and for 15-20 minutes per session.

Stick to the above bodybuilding workout routine for at least six weeks. By the end of six weeks, you should have more muscle mass. Just remember, diet is a huge part of success when it comes to building muscle. Make sure you’re eating enough food daily and consuming plenty of protein and good carbs on a regular basis.